The ARISE Programme by Sunkonnect

Solarising Educational Institutes

Sunkonnect works with our highly-experienced partners to develop and deliver high-performance solar PV rooftops on schools, colleges and university campuses.

Key features of service:

  • Save on electricity costs, reduce building carbon footprint
  • Easy-to-finance, no installation costs, no down payment
  • Fixed monthly fees over term (PPA)
  • Free monthly insights into solar rooftop performance
  • Solar rooftop performance dashboard
  • Lifetime operations & maintenance covered under PPA

Educating Students

The installed solar rooftops act as live-labs to provide students education in the areas of sustainability, renewable energy and solar technology.

Key features of ARISE:

  • Educational dashboard and app
  • Curriculum tailored in partnership with leading experts
  • Real-time data to teach concepts in a self-paced environment
  • Global network of schools to learn from and share experiences
  • Opportunities to engage: Industry talks, workshops, site-visits

Join the ARISE Programme

Keen to find out more about solarising your school and joining ARISE? Please reach out to us at this e-mail address and we will get in touch with you shortly:

Partner with Sunkonnect

Sunkonnect partners with research institutes and channel partners to explore cutting-edge PV technologies and engage students worldwide. If you have an innovative technology that you want to pilot or want to reach out to educational institutes in your region through ARISE, please drop us an e-mail here:

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