Having close proximity with the Indian & South East Asian markets, Sunkonnect has an opportunity to develop a vibrant International Trading Business. Sunkonnect has already started trading the Materials to be used for Photovoltaic material and soon will start trading in other items such as Textiles, fabrics, Made-ups, metals, industrial raw materials from India, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia Indonesia & USA.

Materials for Photovoltaic Module 

The performance of PV Modules depends on the materials design and integration.  Sunkonnect team has developed expertise in the design engineering of PV bill of materials (BOM).  Sunkonnect has partnered with Key Korean manufacturers Hanwa and KOS to exclusively sell EVA and Ribbon in India.

Partnership with Hanwa Solutions: Hanwha Solutions is a premium manufacturer of high-quality EVA, Back sheets for making PV Module. Sunkonnect is an exclusive authorized business partner & technical partner for Hanwha Solutions in India.

To Know More Please Visit www.hanwhasolutions.com

Partnership with KOS: KOS is a world class manufacturer of Precious steel wire, springs and PV ribbon etc. based at Seoul, South Korea. They makes high quality of ribbon which enhance the PV modules reliability. We are an exclusive authorized business partner & technical agent for KOS in India.

To Know More Please Visit www.koswire.com